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In view of the dramatic rise in wholesale prices over the past years, model-based empirical analyses of price formation in the electricity markets have become an important basis for the discussion on competition policy in Germany and Europe. Empirical analyses are usually performed on the basis of optimising fundamental models which describe the power supply system of a country in greater or lesser detail, thus making it possible to determine how power plants must be deployed so as to cover the electricity demand at the lowest possible cost.

The task of determining the difference between market price and incremental cost, a parameter frequently used in competition analyses , is beset with many difficulties of a methodological or empirical nature. The present study undertakes the first ever systematic quantification of the influence of existing uncertainties on the results of the model calculations.

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Der vorliegende Beitrag untersucht das Potential und die Bedingungen alternativer Regulierungsformen vor dem Hintergrund von Better Regulation in Deutschland. Die Zielsetzung dieser Programme besteht zum einen in der wirtschaftsfreundlichen Reduktion von Regulierungskosten und zum anderen in der Effekt Contribution of thermo-fluid analyses to the LHC experiments.

This is a major issue for the experimental groups, as temperature stability is often a fundamental requirement for the different sub-detectors to be able to provide a good measurement quality. These studies are undertaken according to the needs of the experimental groups; they aim at evaluate the thermal stability for a proposed design, or to compare different technical solutions in order to choose the best one for the final design.

The usual approach to carry out these studies is first presented and then, some practical examples of thermo-fluid analyses are presented focusing on the main results in order to illustrate their contribution. Furthermore a method for calculating the initial values based on measurements of beam profiles is being discussed. Weiterhin wird eine Methode zur Gewinnung der Startwerte aus Strahlprofilmessungen diskutiert.

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In den Analysen wurden Amaranth und Buchweizen eingesetzt. Design of thermodynamic experiments and analyses of thermodynamic relationships. In teaching of thermodynamics, a certain textbook is followed internationally whatever language it is written in. However, although some do a very good job, most are not correct and precise and furthermore NONE discuss at all the need for and importance of designing thermodynamic experiments although experimentation in engineering is considered to be the back bone of analyses , not pursued much these days, or numerical studies, so very predominant these days.

Another important topic for discussion is the fact that the thermodynamic state principle demands uniqueness of results. It has been found in literature that this fact is not well understood by those who attempt to apply it loosely and end up with questionable results.

Much more than documents.

Thermodynamics is the fundamental science that clarifies all these issues if well understood, applied and interpreted. The attempt of this paper is to clarify these situations and offer alternative methods for analyses. Multivariate differential analyses of adolescents' experiences of aggression in families. Full Text Available Aggression is part of South African society and has implications for the mental health of persons living in South Africa. If parents are aggressive adolescents are also likely to be aggressive and that will impact negatively on their mental health.

In this article the nature and extent of adolescents' experiences of aggression and aggressive behaviour in the family are investigated. A deductive explorative quantitative approach was followed. It was found that aggression correlated negatively with the independent variables; and the correlations between adolescents and their parents were significant. Regression analyses indicated that different predictors predicted aggression. Furthermore, differences between adolescents and their parents indicated that the experienced levels of aggression between adolescents and their parents were small.

Implications for education are given. Hess, T. Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg Germany. Heidelberg Univ. Abteilung fuer Gynaekologische Radiologie ; Zuna, I. Abteilung fuer Gynaekologische Radiologie ; Kaick, G. Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie. The results could be histologically verified in all cases. A rapid spin-echo sequence with a time resolution of 8. The signal changes were analysed using a pharmacokinetic model which allowed parametrization of the contrast enhancement and transformation of the data into colour coded parameter images. CERN Multimedia.

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The Big Bang in the laboratory has only few more energy than two colliding mosquitoes. But if we put together billions of mosquitoes, a hell bursts out. For that, near Geneva the biggest experiment in the world is being built. Full Text Available AimAdolescent motherhood is considered a condition of vulnerability that can be further complicated by the presence of HIV infection, but little is known about how adolescent mothers experience this process.

The aim of this study was to analyse the experience of motherhood among adolescents living with HIV. Interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed verbatim. ResultsThe qualitative content analysis of the interviews revealed a positive vision of motherhood, related to satisfaction with the maternal role and personal fulfilment. Pregnancy and motherhood served to these adolescents as an encouragement for self-care.

ConclusionFuture research of longitudinal design and with larger samples will be important to extend the knowledge of the specificities of this experience over time for young people of different ages and social backgrounds. The reason for this was that the validation work related to the CHF design calculation was not enough for the assurance of CHF margin. The comparison of the code predictions with the experimental results, it was found that the code would give the conservative predictions as far as the CHF in the bundle geometry is concerned.

The electron stretcher accelerator ELSA provides an electron beam in the energy range between 0. The acceleration of polarized electrons and demands by synchrotron radiation users for a high beam quality require a good correction of the closed orbit. For its measurement a precise beam position monitor BPM system based on narrow band RF-receivers with a resolution of some micrometers was developed and installed.

Based on these measurements the closed orbit distortions were reduced from approx. Furthermore elements with dipole field errors were located by means of the uncorrected orbit. Orbit response matrices were analyzed to determine errors of quadrupole magnets and calibration factors of BPMs and corrector magnets. Predicted optics functions and tunes based on the improved optics model are in good agreement with the measurements.

Indoor situation in homes: Indoor air. Wohn-Innenraum: Raumluft. Deskription fluechtiger organischer Verbindungen in der Raumluft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Krause, C. It constitutes part C of the third report volume and contains the description of the concentrations of a large number of volatile organic compounds VOC in indoor air from households of the general population of the Federal Republic of Germany sub-sample. This is to gie interested persons an orientation and a classifying survey of laboratory results to be evaluatd. Umwelt-Survey , der eine nach Alter, Geschlecht und.

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Dabei wird der Schwerpunkt auf die wichtigsten Entdeckungen und Entwicklungen, beispielsweise der Quantenfeldtheorie, der Eichtheorien und die Zukunft der Teilchenphysik, gelegt. Analysis of existing structure and emissions of wood combustion plants for the production of heat and electricity in Bavaria; Analyse der Bestandesstruktur und der Emissionen von Holzfeuerungsanlagen zur Erzeugung von Waerme und Strom in Bayern. This work deals with the detailed analysis of the existing structure of all Bavarian wood burning plants for the generation of heat and electricity as well as the determination of the resulting emission emissions in The number of wood burning plants in the single-chamber fireplaces, wood central heating and wood-fired heating plants which are in operation in the year were determined, and how many plants are existing in the various areas like pellet stoves, traditional ovens, wood-burning fireplace, pellet central heating systems, wood chips central heating systems, fire-wood central heating systems, wood combined heat and power plant electricity and heat and wood power plants heat.

In addition, the regional distribution of the wood burning plants in the Bavarian governmental districts is investigated as well as the type and amount of energy produced by them heat, electricity.

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Des Weiteren wird die regionale Verteilung der Holzfeuerungsanlagen in den bayerischen Regierungsbezirken erforscht sowie die durch sie produzierte Art und Menge an Energie Waerme, Strom. Global use structures of the magnetic materials neodymium and dysprosium. A scenario-based analysis of the effect of the diffusion of electromobility on the demand for rare earths; Globale Verwendungsstrukturen der Magnetwerkstoffe Neodym und Dysprosium.

Dysprosium is a crucial component for the temperature resistance of the NdFeB magnets in traction motors for electric vehicles and is currently regarded as a particularly critical raw material for electromobility. Ein wirkungsvolles Instrument zur Erhoehung der Markttransparenz und des Verstaendnisses von komplexen anthropogenen Stoffkreislaeufen ist die dynamische Stoffflussmodellierung. Ueber die dynamische Modellierung von Produkt-Verwendungszyklen werden heutige Verwendungsstrukturen offengelegt und zukuenftige Magnetmengen in obsoleten Produktstroemen quantifiziert.

Dabei konnte gezeigt werden, dass die Magnete im heutigen Schrottaufkommen hauptsaechlich in obsoleten Elektronikanwendungen wie Festplatten HDD , CD- und DVD-Laufwerken enthalten sind, woraus das Recycling auf Grund der kleinen Magnete und der hohen Materialstreuung kaum wirtschaftlich erscheint, in absehbarer Zukunft aber mit.

A new data acquisition system for the experiment ELAN at the electron stretcher accelerator ELSA had become necessary due to changes in the experimental setup. The data acquisition and analysis which formerly both were performed by a single computer system are now separately done by a VMEbus-Computer and a VAX-Workstation. Deshalb liegt der Fokus auf den folgenden drei Forschungsfragen: 1.

Wird mit Emotionalisierung gearbeitet? Die Ergebnisse der Untersuchung zeigen erwartete Tendenzen sowohl die Merkmale der Terrorismusberichterstattung als auch die Senderkonvergenzen und -divergenzen im dualen System betreffend.