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I recommend all therapists working with couples facing the disclosure of sexual betrayal to read and use this fine resource. The FAQ section is tremendous! Both are exceedingly helpful to couples navigating through the painful process of addiction recovery, which is an especially difficult journey when sexual deception is involved. This book is full of practical advice for managing the difficult process of disclosing the secrets that inevitably accompany addiction, whether it is the first admission of the true extent of the problem or the painful acknowledgement that a relapse has occurred.

There's an old saying in addiction recovery that 'you're only as sick as your secrets', and this book is an effective guide for moving into health and integrity.

An effective disclosure process includes specific actions to take before, during and after the painful information has been revealed, and Surviving Disclosure offers wise suggestions and practical advice for using apprioriate disclosure as part of much-needed healing both for the addict and his or her partner. The process of disclosing secrets about addiction is not a one-size-fits-all process: there are many variables to consider and this book covers them all. The chapter on disclosing to children is especially useful in meeting the needs of this vulnerable population.

The Couples Healing and Disclosure Process | Sexual Secrets

The inclusion of a set of frequently asked questions is especially useful for those seeking the best way to take one of the hardest and most important steps toward healing damaged relationships. There is no better way to approach the disclosure of secrets than this book and its companion for partners. Together they will help guide many relationships to a healthier life. Any therapist working with this population must understand the process of disclosure and the effects if not done within a structured process. The authors articulate this very well and provide a solid framework to help the partner understand the reasons for the disclosure and what some of the pitfalls are, if not done properly.

This book will help the therapist in guiding the process so the most benefit will be achieved. This is a must read for all partners and certainly for all therapists working in this area. This book is a guide that answers some of the most frequently asked questions by both partners and therapists and should be given to every partner when they enter therapy, before disclosure. An excellent resource and my deepest gratitude for the authors contribution to the field. Jennifer P. Schneider and M.

Aeon for Friends

Deborah Corley offer a compassionate and thorough step-by-step guide to help wade through the murky waters of pain and confusion following the disclosure of sexual secrets. Their clinical experience sensitively offers help to partners sorting through the many decisions and difficulties that are faced with the betrayal of trust. This book is sure to become a critical companion for those on the path toward healing as well as for the clinicians who treat them.

Adams, Ph. Jennifer Schneider and Deb Corley provided the sex addiction community with a much needed and expertly written guide for couples struggling with the complexities of disclosure due to betrayal from sex addiction.

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One decade later, Drs. Schneider and Corley have done it again! They've succeeded in providing two masterfully written, practical and invaluable manuals for those struggling with disclosure.

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  • Their newly released addict's guide and the accompanying guide for partners surviving disclosure, offer essential step-by-step guidance for a variety of disclosure circumstances, current research, and 'how-to' resources to move beyond the pain and trauma of discovery. These guides are an invaluable ' must read ' for individuals who are struggling with the distress of sex addiction, disclosure and for professionals who work with couples and sexual infidelity.

    Corley and Schneider lead the way, assisting couples in developing the courage to embrace these foundational practices, and providing them with a map for the journey.

    Sex Addiction : guide for couples

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    Disclosing Secrets: An Addict's Guide for When, to Whom, and How Much to Reveal

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