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Immediately to the right of the shield is an open portfolio. A string of small golden bells hangs over its right cover.

On the ground beneath the portfolio is a small sickle, and peeping out from behind its right side is the head of a marotte. The flag pole is capped by a miniature marotte with bells hanging from its lilipres, while another bell hangs from the flag itself.

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There is a second smaller pennant to the right of the chain. On the far right of the composition is a roughly-sketched toy windmill on a stick. Leaning at an angle against the left edge of the central heraldic shield is an unidentified oval object with a gold rim - possibly a tambour. Another crudely drawn marotte face emerges from behind it while beneath it on the ground is a large sickle. To the far left of the composition the end of a fasces is visible and, behind it a basket with a woven back-board.

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Dunlop wanted Sara to come to London and become an oddity for display. She became an attraction for people from various parts of Europe. During her time with Dunlop and Hendrik Cezar, the campaign against slavery in Britain was in full swing and as a result, the treatment of Baartman was called into question. They produced a document that had allegedly been signed by Sara Baartman and her own testimony which claimed that she was not being mistreated. After four years in London, in September , she was transported from England to France, and upon arrival Hendrik Cezar sold her to Reaux, a man who showcased animals.

He began exhibiting her in a cage alongside a baby rhinoceros. At times Baartman was displayed almost completely naked, wearing little more than a tan loincloth, and she was only allowed that due to her insistence that she cover what was culturally sacred.

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Her constant display attracted the attention of George Cuvier, a naturalist. He asked Reaux if he would allow Sara to be studied as a science specimen to which Reaux agreed. As from March Sara was studied by French anatomists, zoologists and physiologists. Cuvier concluded that she was a link between animals and humans. Thus, Sara was used to help emphasise the stereotype that Africans were oversexed and a lesser race. Sara Baartman died in at the age of It is unknown whether she died from alcoholism, smallpox or pneumonia.

Sara “Saartjie” Baartman

Cuvier obtained her remains from local police and dissected her body. The story of Sara Baartman resurfaced in when Stephen Jay Gould, a palaeontologist wrote about her story in his book The Mismeasure of Man where he criticised racial science. The process took eight years, as the French had to draft a carefully worded bill that would not allow other countries to claim treasures taken by the French.