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Salman Khan is amazing, says Priyanka Chopra during The Sky Is Pink promotions

Sort order. Sep 21, Erin Moore rated it it was amazing. To call this a novel of Genghis Khan is almost misleading, since it is really the story of his mother and many of his wives. Through their eyes, we get a glimpse into why history has been so fascinated with this man, but this is more than just a re-telling of the Genghis legend. It is a very well-researched look into the motivations of women to stay with and perhaps even love such a person.

For me, it was also a great piece of research, showing exactly how the women would have lived and the politics that would have played out on the Mongolian plains.

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Of course, it's fiction, but it felt more than that. Fans of Genghis will probably not love him in this, since he comes across as misogynistic and cruel in many places, but to me, this made it all the more interesting. Esta es raptada por Yesugei Bahadur, "el Bravo", haciendo que Chiledu huya. En este libro desfilan una cantidad enorme de personajes, entre principales y secundarios.

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Yesugei es un personaje que al principio le coges un poco de tirria. Con la muerte de Yesugei, Temujin cobra mayor protagonismo. Vamos a ver todas las calamidades y derrotas que ha sufrido a lo largo de su adolescencia y adultez, sus intentos de asesinatos y su casi esclavitud.

En Temujin, llamado Gengis Kan, confluyen dos personalidades distintas pero totalmente complementarias.

Por un lado, tenemos a un hombre violento, que solo vive por y para la guerra, un hombre que solo quiere ver destruidos a sus enemigos, muy vengativo y que no olvida ninguna afrenta pasada. Los dos se prometen siempre estar juntos, gobernar juntos y nunca enfrentarse. Ya conocemos a Hoelun, pero hubo otras mujeres en la vida de Temujin.

Especial protagonismo tiene Bortai. Bortai es hija de Dei Sechen, el Sabio, jefe menor de una aldea, y esposa principal de Temujin. La personalidad de Bortai se asemeja mucho a la de Hoelun. Es ella la que gobierna la aldea principal en ausencia de Temujin. Otros personajes femeninos son Khulan, Yisui y Yisugen, las khatun y esposas principales de Gengis Kan. Pero tampoco se trata de un libro de guerra. La escritura de Sargent consigue atrapar al lector. La portada empleada, con esos tonos azules, amarillos y blancos, es preciosa.

En definitiva, un libro que narra la historia del gran emperador mongol Gengis Kan desde que sus padres se conocen hasta que este muere, y parte de su legado. Una escritura llena de perfectas descripciones y que atrapa al lector de principio a fin. Una historia llena de guerras y batallas, de vida y de muerte, de amor y de traiciones. Conoceremos todos los problemas y triunfos de Gengis Kan hasta el motivo de este nombre. Sus personajes son muy fuertes y bien logrados, especialmente los femeninos.

A interesting and informative novel about a figure about whom I really knew little beyond what I learned in school. The known historical facts are accurate, and the author portrays Temujin Genghis Khan as seen primarily through the eyes of women, including his mother and wives, as well as those of his children and heirs. I got a real sense of late 12th and early 13th tribal culture and an education in the topography and geography of Central Asia. Since I know European history very well, I coul A interesting and informative novel about a figure about whom I really knew little beyond what I learned in school.

Since I know European history very well, I couldn't help but think of what was occurring there during the same time period. Much has been made, justifiably, of the merciless savagery of the Khan's conquests, but one finds a similar disregard for human life in the allegedly more advanced civilizations of Europe, Latin America, and Japan; think of Edward I's brutal and bloody subjugation of the Scots half a generation later as an example. I came away from this work with a much better understanding of the Khan's enduring impact through his heirs on the history of, not only Central Asia, but China and the Far East, Russia, the Indian subcontinent, Persia and the Middle East.

The book is too long and I say this as one predisposed to big, fat books and multi-volume stories , repetitious, especially the last third, and would have benefited from more disciplined editing. The writing is good and pretty much free of errors although I did notice the author is a bit sloppy with her personal pronouns; antecedents are frequently unclear. Es un libro extenso. Repleto de sucesos.

Es una novela muy completa y sobre todo muy compleja de escribir. Le doy mi enhorabuena. Otra cosa de esta novela que no me ha convencido son los nombres de los personajes. Pero claro esto ya es un problema personal. Jan 04, Kara rated it really liked it. But it is worth it especially if your a historical fiction nut. I like the flow of the story, it covers the whole life of Gengis Khan from the capture of his mother as a bride to his death, as well as the story lines of some of his wives. The characters were many but a map and list of characters in the front of the book helped keep track.

Apr 28, Gololo rated it did not like it. I am sorry to say that this book could not get me excited at all.

I felt that I was going through pages of filler to a Wikipedia article. You can find very little in this book that you cannot find in a 5 pages article printed from the online encyclopedia.

Ruler Of The Sky: A Novel of Genghis Khan by Pamela Sargent

After I finished the book I read the online article plus a couple more. It took me 20 minutes. I had more information than the one I could find in the book.

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More than that! Some of the information in the book is completely wrong! Like the f I am sorry to say that this book could not get me excited at all. Like the four wives of Genghis Khan surviving him. Khulan died before him!! Also, I do not know if this is because I read the Spanish-translated edition, but even the vocabulary used is wrong in many cases.

For example, "yurt" is a not a Mongol term. The correct one is "ger". The central bank has devalued the rupee four times since December, but the current account deficit is still carrying the currency toward a crisis, while the fiscal deficit has ballooned to 6. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. World News.