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SLJ Projects. Privacy Policy. Subscriber Services. Contact Us. Roaring Brook. ISBN Lackey tackles difficult topics including addiction and loss with infinite gentleness. Recommended for fiction collections. Watch the heart-wrenching video of her husband revisiting the rubble below. In a similar situation in China, a mother sheltered her child with her body when their house collapsed around them in an earthquake.

12 moms who did the impossible to save their kids

Not even a natural disaster can come between mother and child. Maureen Lee was picking berries with her three-year-old daughter in Squamish BC when a cougar attacked, grabbing and rolling the little girl on the ground.

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Twice she pulled the girl back onto the surface of her surfboard after the shark grabbed her legs and dragged her beneath the surface. A family vacation in Spain goes wrong, when the youngest member of the Ramsey family accidentally spills over a cliff.

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Without hesitating, mom, Kristen Chappell, goes in after son, followed by dad. Remarkably, the boy fell in a pool of water and was ok, but Mom, who was not so lucky, broke several bones and her back.

My demanding mother is just impossible

Listen to the entire harrowing tale here. This daughter owes her mom a lifetime of breakfasts in bed after being pulled from the jaws of an attacking crocodile. Kalli got on a plane, hired a private investigator and donned a hijab and niqab in order to remain anonymous while she ran surveillance.

After a couple of months, she swept in, grabbed her son and booked it back to the US. Your real best friend is your mom. The superhuman feats moms often demonstrate when their offspring are threatened are apparently not limited by blood ties.