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N24 "Lebendig Begraben" Alltag in der Isolationshaft HD Doku

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Essien had been threatened, his family said, for reporting illegality on trawlers and was about to quit. There were times those in charge of the vessel got angry at him for doing that. They told him not to. He told me it was difficult. He said it was dangerous work.

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In a hotel in Accra, several trawlermen from Tema, 15 miles to the east of the city, spoke on condition of anonymity. Two of them witnessed observers taking bribes, they said. When we heard about an observer going missing, we were very unhappy. It is very dangerous. It was not easy, the fishermen agreed, for an observer to simply fall overboard.

There is no way he would do that. I suspect there was a co-ordinated attempt to take him off.

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He was going to write up a report. Perhaps there was a disagreement.

The Meng Xin 15 belongs to a Chinese state-owned enterprise, Dalian Meng Xin Ocean Fisheries, according to an investigation by China Dialogue Ocean , which found the fleet has committed 16 fishing offences in Ghana since One former fishing observer said he quit his job after hearing about Essien. When I found out Emmanuel was missing, I thought the same thing could happen to me.

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Showing a photo on his phone of a crew member dumping a basket of fish overboard, he said he had to perform his duties covertly. Observers shared a cabin with Chinese crew who were closer to the management than their Ghanaian counterparts. There were about 20 Ghanaians and six Chinese, including the captain and first officer, he said. The dangers of working for the enforcement agencies, offshore but without protection, are recognised. All the boys are there smoking weed.

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The Chinese are always drinking whiskey. The situation is very hostile.