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This small world was born with the enthusiasm of a thoughtful film director Ms.

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My Dung. And if you are a fan of the sustainable lifestyle, you probably will burst into happy tears with their little library just as I did upon discovering it. There are various tea sets for you to try, most are for a group of two to four people. I highly recommend the brown rice tea, which gives a strong flavor of brown rice, beans, and herbs.

The outdoor seats are perfect for a morning chill, and the indoor setting will set you at peace with your book if you go alone. Located near the facade of the expensive Le Thanh Ton street, Hatvala makes its exquisite home. Premium tea collections from across Vietnam are showcased here, and the staff can give you thorough knowledge of each tea. With a hope to communicate the value of Vietnamese tea to the world, one founder of this tea house — Ms. Ngoc Thu — operates workshops that explore the flavors and stories behind Vietnamese tea.


You can book in advance here. Thu has been traveling for five years to the tea regions of Vietnam, China, and India to consolidate her insights about this herbal drink. You will not only gain an understanding of the history and typical tastes of tea in Vietnam, but you will also learn a thing or two about how different types of tea suit your health and regional conditions.

Coffee and Tea at The Yellow Chair Saigon - Exclusive Deal by Traveloka Xperience

This quiet tea shop seeks to create a calm space for the introvert. You will find minimalist design and green corners around the shop, a simple and peaceful space to nurture our quiet sides. If you come here for a drink, I recommend the lotus tea. Lotus flower is not just the symbolic flower of Vietnam, it also grows beautifully upon the swamp and makes for an aromatic sip.

DISGUSTING Street Food Drinks: Nasty Herbal Tea in Saigon, Vietnam

You can also buy some crackers that match well with your cup of tea. I recommend sitting on their open space rooftop.

Nguyen Shack - Saigon Tea Coffee & Spirit Collection (Hotel), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Deals

The walls are made from bamboo and there are green plants in every corner. Yet, if you prefer shelter from the scorching noon, their glassy studio will not disappoint you! Climb the mossy staircases of an aged apartment building, and you will soon find on the second floor a clean and neat balcony filled with plants. This is where Man Tu Zen Tea makes its lovely home. Transforming an old apartment into a peaceful tea space, this small tea shop is rustic, yet peaceful. You will find many books, most encourage a more positive and harmonious energy.

Loose Leaf Spirit Tea - Saigon

Pay what you feel this shop deserves or what you can afford. The artworks remind you to breathe whenever a negative emotion surfaces, and get back to the community when you have recharged your energy. Man Tu Zen Tea is a charming place for soul retreats right in the heart of this busy town! Located in District 3, this trendy boba shop is the spot for Saigonese youngsters. Long story short: yes. Koicha is known for its three series: Matcha, Coffee, and Pure Tea. Have a seat on the hardwood stools or step out onto the balcony for a view of the streets below.

With over locations in over 15 countries worldwide, Gong Cha is no stranger to the boba game.


With fresh tea and pearls brewed and cooked every four hours, Gong Cha maintains an exemplary level of quality. It is best known for its milk foam; mix the milk foam into your drink for a salty-sweet concoction or just leave it on top as a subtle topper to your flavorful tea. Inspired by a dream of traveling around the world, the founder of Koi wanted to bring his tea with him everywhere that he went.

At Koi, we asked locals what their in-house favorites were. After tallying up the poll, we have at the top of our list: black tea macchiato, green tea macchiato, milk tea green tea, and peach macchiato. With larger than life clear glass window panes and black walls decorated with white chalked-on buildings and high stools and hardwood tables, Koi gives off a distinct San Francisco vibe. The high ceilings and hanging chandeliers complement each other to give a more luxurious feel to this chic boba shop.

Koi has several locations across Ho Chi Minh City, so be sure to bookmark your favorite one.