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I was so sad, I cried, but no-one came. I was so cold without my fur, I just wanted someone to pick me up and cuddle me so I could feel warm and purry.

There were lots of cages full of cats; all sorts of cats that no-one had wanted and they were there to find a new humans to take them home and love them. A big battered old tom called Grizzler in the next cage told me it was like a halfway house where we had another chance at life, if we were lucky enough to be chosen by humans who came in and looked at us so we had to look cute and appealing so that we would be chosen.

Needless to say when humans came I would eagerly sit at the front of the cage and smile as much as my curly whiskers would let me.


But I was a sad scrap. I had no fur and my face was all crooked from where my jaw had been broken. Nobody wanted me Some people called me an ugly cat and laughed at me. All the cute cuddly cats got picked and went off to start a new life with humans who would love them, even Grizzler was taken by some really kind looking humans who fell in love with him and wanted to give an older cat a loving home for the rest of his days.

This happened so many times that in the end I didn't even bother trying to look cute and appealing because no-one wanted me I would just sit at the back of my cage when humans came to look. My whiskers drooped and my ears were down with unhappiness sometimes my tears would splash onto the cold concrete floor. I was so unhappy, the cold wind whistled through the wire cage at night and I would curl up tight into a ball and dream about being cuddled and loved in a warm home where there was lots of food and I dreamed about a human who would love me.

Then one day when some humans came to look at all the cats, my cage was opened and a lady came in to look at me. She felt very sorry for me as I did look a wretch. She picked me up and cuddled me, next thing I'm in a cat box and off to start a new life. I was so happy.


The ‘Saddest Kitten You’ve Ever Seen’ Makes Amazing Recovery And Now He Can’t Stop Playing

I purred all the way to my new home with my new human. For the first couple of weeks she was quite delighted with me, but after a while the attention stopped. I meowed for attention but she was too busy to bother with me. Instead of staying inside where it was warm I was thrown outside and left out all day, and most nights too.

It was cold and rainy and I was miserable. I wasn't given enough food and my weight started to fall off, and I wasn't groomed so my pelt became a solid lump again.

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Most of all I wasn't cuddled. I don't think she realised just how much attention a Persian cat needs! It had all gone horribly wrong. Then my new human bought a dog home, a great big German Shepherd who chased me round trying to bite me I was terrified of him, he was a vicous thing. What bit of food I was given he would eat, he would snarl and growl at me and when he barked it was so loud I was sure my ears would fall off!.

By now I was so thin my ribs were sticking out. I spent all my time outside in the cold. I would walk up and down the street crying for someone to pick me up and love me, so that I could close my eyes and feel warm and loved by a human, if only for a fleeting moment, but no-one did. Who would want to pick up and cuddle a cat in such a wretched condition as I was in? I was full of fleas too. I was so ashamed of myself. I would sneak into houses where other cats lived and try to eat their food, but I was shoed away.

I was so sad and so unhappy. All the other cats in the street were big, fat and happy with glossy groomed pelts, but no-one wanted to bother with me. Some cats were spiteful and told me that I should have been taught to hunt by my mummy-cat like alley cats do, but I was a posh-paws and nobody had taught me how to hunt so I didn't have a clue and I got hungrier and hungrier. One night it snowed, I sat shivering on my doorstep, crying to be let inside where it was warm, but nobody came.

The snow piled up around me and some stuck to my fur. One day a red car pulled up outside my house. I was sitting on the doorstep, it was Easter Monday in and it was freezing cold, I was shivering as I had been outside all night, I was desperate to be warm and cozy.

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For some reason I liked the look of the lady in the car so I rushed over the road and jumped in through the car window. I sat on the floor at her feet and purred for all I was worth. She stroked me and looked into my eyes, she felt very sorry for me. Share this article Share. Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories.

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Tenants reveal the WORST conditions they've had to live in including rooms with gaping holes in the ceiling, Her name was Hera - a tanned and tattooed warrior who had stuck by Erryk's side for years now. If he hadn't of met Asha he may have even ended up marrying Hera.

Do cat’s whiskers fall out?

I have a feeling he doesn't like me, haha. It was true - Veron had a disliking for Erryk. At just fourteen, Erryk as heir had sailed away to Essos and didn't return for over fifteen years which left a bad taste in everyone's mouths. Erryk pondered and picked at his scabby face. He would need to make preparations for his father's funeral but in the mean time he had to think of what to do with the riches his brother and uncle had brought back. Being fairly new to Lordship, he would need help and meet with the other Ironborn Lords and Ladies.

But everything could wait until the riches were unloaded and he had eaten. After having a full rack of mutton to himself, Lord Erryk and Hera strolled down to his docks to where he would find Captain Harren Humble, an old friend of Erryk.


Harren shook his head at his new Lord and spat n the ground. He was a lanky man with gaunt and sunken cheeks that were barely covered with grey whiskers. His bald head was hidden my a small and stuck-on ball cap. His eyes were like a toads and they studied Erryk carefully. Congratulations, you're now Master of Trade for House Orkwood. But who we trading wae, eh? We should have plenty to trade. But we'll need more ships.

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Harren nodded his head. Erryk stood atop the largest peak on the island. He had left Hera at the base as he was in need of being alone to gather his thoughts.